Two of the team on the road again

One of the things that drives our passion for hairdressing is furthering our knowledge and understanding of the industry. We are always seeking new opportunities to do this, be that in our session work at Fashion Week, at extra training courses or in our work with other teams. To this end, Laura and Elinor have been making the most of their experience at

Using her drive and determination, Laura returned to the south of England to take a Barbering masterclass with industry leader Dale Ted Watkins,

Working with such a talented , driven, dedicated young barber was and is always a pleasure! I’m going to make it my business to help Laura be one of the best barbers on planet – DTW

Elinor mean while has been putting pen to paper and has joined the editorial team as their latest recruit. She will be writing a monthly column for their website bringing a student’s perspective to the world of hairdressing education. Check the MDH news links here for more information on Laura and Elinor.

Photography: Jamie Harrison,