Open Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve 2012

Our Christmas decorations are sparkling, the weather has turned, and warm coats, hats and scarves are filling up our cloak room. It’s that time of year again and the festive season is here at last.

Parties, drinks with friends, shopping all day long, where ever you are going to or coming back from we have a service for you.

Are you aching? Is your mind whirring ? Do you need a little bit of pampering? How does relaxing back in a shiatsu massage chair while your winter blues are washed away sound? One nourishing hair mask with scalp massage later and you will leave walking on air.

Or maybe you are in the party mood? Is it’s time to get your glad drags on? Whether its curly locks, sleek tresses or intricate plaited perfection, we are on hand to make you feel fabulous.

Call in or phone us to book you appointment now.