NOISE – guerrilla hairdressing

First it was a punk princess photoshoot where Elinor joined the PG Zoo session team to create a close cutting and vibrant series of images. Last week the PG Zoo joined Tim Hartley, X-Presion Creativos and Saco Hair on stage to present an awesome series of hair shows at Noise, a guerrilla hairdressing event.

In the days leading up to the event models were bleached, toned, cut and coloured in an array of harsh lines and vivid tones. Clothing, make-up, nails and powder paint were all important elements for the show, all creating an impact and complementing the hair.

For the show, we took our inspiration from Pussy Riot, the Russian musicians who stand against oppression and strive for freedom. Using a combination of hairdressing, styling, film and music, we were able to make political statement showing hair doesn’t have to be just about fashion and your daily routine – elinor

To check out images from the event, click here to go to Noise’s Facebook page.