Give a Gift of Joy this Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching we have prepared our list and have some wonderful Gifts of Joy for you this year. Whether it’s stocking fillers, a gift for mum, dad or someone special, we have some great ideas in stock. From a trio of Colour Conserve minis (£15) to a beautifying body kit (£35) to the full Invati system (£80), we have savings on special treats for everyone.

All our gifts are wrapped using paper source from Nepal by Aveda. Every year the same paper in used and because of this all the people who have bought Aveda gifts have helped the paper making communities in Nepal. So far, 2,400 families are able to buy food and clothing, repair their homes and send their children to school. In the past six years, more than 4,900 people have worked to make more than 1,400,000 sheets of paper for the gift sets. That’s a lot of lives changed. And because it helps protect 34,000 acres of forest it also fights climate change, which could change all our lives.

Feel Good this Christmas and give a Gift of Joy!